Why A Deli Blog?

If you Google the term “deli blog”, the results are surprisingly sparse. One of the results is, of course, Save the Deli, brought to you by our good friend and author David Sax. But the rest of the results don’t have much to do with traditional Jewish deli at all. They are about topics as like indie music (huh?) or a Vietnamese noodle joint.


The sad reason for this, as many have noted, is that Jewish deli is a dying breed. As explained by David Sax in his bestselling book:

Traditional products are disappearing from menus and shelves because they don’t fit into the bottom line. As have gone the Jews, so too have gone their nearby delis.

This is clearly one of the reasons that there is a large hole  crater in the blogosphere when it comes to deli,despite the glut of food and cooking blogs in general. Deli is not a trendy topic, and most of the people who are excited about the unpaid act of blogging are not going to invest the time and effort into a deli blog.

So who better to help fill that hole than United Meat & Deli? After all, our two owners have a combined deli experience of more than a century, and are the manufacturers of some of the most highly respected deli meat products in the country. We are committed to the preservation and promotion of Jewish deli. Sure, it helps preserve our bottom line, but our biggest desire is to help preserve the deli legacy for future generations. We don’t want to imagine a world where a great corned beef sandwich or hearty matzo ball soup is only a wistful memory.

We are thrilled that you have chosen to join us for the journey and we look forward to discussing all things deli with you. We are also welcome to suggestions for future blog topics and guest posts; leave us a comment!