About Our Company

United Meat & Deli, proudly located in Detroit, Michigan and fondly referred to as UMD, has been manufacturing premier deli meats since 1982.

Our most famous product is Sy Ginsberg’s Corned Beef, considered by most deli enthusiasts to be one of the best recipes available in the United States. That is a picture of one of our cooked corned beef briskets you see on the home page.

UMD also manufactures Gold Label Pastrami, Premium Label Roast Beef, Sy Ginsberg’s Beef Salami, and Farmer Sy’s Turkey.

Most of our product is manufactured for and purchased by the food service industry, although we do sell some product via retail outlet.

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2 thoughts on “About Our Company

  1. what is cheese doing next to the corned beef in the picture discussing whether corned beef is Jewish or Irish? oy!

    • You confused us quite a bit, Anne, because the post “Is corned beef Irish or Jewish?” has 2 pictures – a cartoon leprechaun and a cartoon rabbi. The best we can figure out is that you are talking about our header photo – which appears on ALL of our pages and is, in fact, a picture of our corned beef after cooking. The picture also has a small block of Swiss cheese and some spicy brown deli mustard – which are staples of the corned beef sandwich you will find at many, many Jewish delis. Food service/deli is our main focus and is where we sell the bulk of our product.

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