The Care and Feeding of The University of Michigan Solar Car Team

United Meat & Deli frequently gets hit on for donations of food. After all, it’s a universal truth that people have to eat. And we try to be a company that gives back to the community when it’s possible and feasible for us to do so.

So when the University of Michigan Solar Car Team asked for help, we were glad to respond.

Eric Hausman (L) and Noah Kaczor, Operations stand next to panel with sponsor names

The U of M Solar Car Team (UMSCT), is an entirely student-run student organization that designs, builds, runs, and races electric solar cars. Each year the team enters a vehicle in the American Solar Challenge. This year, the race starts in Rochester, NY, and runs for over 1650 miles of open road through every single state that borders the Great Lakes. Prior to the official race, the team goes through a qualifying, closed track event called the Formula Sun Grand Prix. This is the first time that the race has run through Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan.

All of the work from these dedicated students requires ingenuity, planning, money, and  . . .food. According to student Eric Hausman, an operations project manager on the UMSCT, a team of 20 students accompanies the car at all times, traveling in a 5 car/1 truck caravan (provided by sponsors). During the time they are not in a campsite or fixed site, they are on the open highway. Because it’s a race, stopping at McDonald’s is just not an option. 😉

So it is necessary for crew operations like Eric to plan meals in advance. The team depends heavily on portable food like sandwiches that can be pre-made and stowed in the vehicles for consumption on the road. In prior years, Eric states that the team lived on PB & J sandwiches for lack of a healthier, quicker option.

So when asked for a healthy, tasty deli meat that could be easily stored, sandwiched, and stowed, UMD was there with its Farmer Sy’s All Natural Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast.

UMD was asked to provide enough product for 4 lunches for each team member during the practice race held in early June, and to double it to 8 lunches each for the actual July event. That’s 240 lunches! In all, the UMSCT will consume approximately 65 pounds of turkey and 16 pounds of swiss cheese donated by UMD.

Cereal is usually eaten for breakfast.

Here’s the race route. Join us in support the UMSCT

Check out more pictures from pre-race preparations on our Facebook Page under Photos.