How Do You Store A Salami?

(This post was written by Sy Ginsberg. Yes, THE Sy Ginsberg. The guy who’s name is on the corned beef – and salami – packaging. He insisted on writing it, and who argues with greatness? :-))

So who can tell me what this contraption is?

I’ll bet nobody guessed that it is a salami keeper, probably because you have never heard of or seen one before. So I know you are asking if I am making this up.

No, friends, it really is a salami keeper. This decorative metal cylinder has a removable cover, so a 2 lb. kosher-style salami can be stored in the cylinder. The hook at the top allows the keeper containing the salami to hang freely. It is a lot nicer than having a salami hanging from a kitchen cupboard knob. At least that’s what my wife claims.

In the late 60’s, when I owned my first deli in Detroit, a customer who enjoyed salami came to me with this invention, which he conceived in his metal fabrication shop. I thought it was a great idea, so I bought bunches of them, and sold all of them over the course of a couple of years.

I had not seen one in many years, though, and have no idea what happened to mine. But while chatting with my friend and former bro-in-law Dr. Steve Rope, he mentioned that he and his wife Jeri still had theirs, and use it all the time. The picture, and this blog post, followed.

Let’s face it, salami tastes better at room temperature, and even better with some age on it. It dries a little – or a lot, if you like hard salami – but it needs to hang freely without touching anything, otherwise it might get a little moldy. Regulations require us to say “keep refrigerated”, but I never do in my house.

But my wife sure gets tired of salami hanging from the cupboard door.

What about you? Is there an invention or contraption that never made the mainstream but you still use? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Hanging salami, or any other dry sausage, is imperative. I used to hang A&H’s Holsteiner from my pot rack.

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