What Food Holiday Is It Today?

This week on our Facebook Page we are acknowledging a different “National [insert food name] Day” every single day, and imagining how that food would pair with traditional deli.

For example, yesterday was National Buttermilk Biscuit day, which naturally conjurs up visions of a sandwich on a biscuit instead of bread. Of course, that’s been done many times with sausage and eggs, but probably not corned beef or pastrami.

Today is National Chocolate Chip day. Remove your favorite sandwich condiment and insert chocolate chips in its place. If you dare.

Tomorrow is National Coquille St. Jacques Day, so think about how you can incorporate that dish into traditional deli. Go to our Facebook Page, give us a like, and let us know what you came up with. Or tell us here in the comments.

Who decides what food to honor on any given day, anyway? We don’t know if there’s more, but we are using the May list from The Nibble specialty food magazine.