How Should You Eat A Corned Beef Sandwich?

Once, when I was in Indianapolis for a flyball tournament,  I offered to pick up lunch for my human teammates at Stanley’s New York Deil (now unfortunately closed). I explained a little bit about deli and what kind of food was available, and then asked for everyone’s order. One of my friends asked for a corned beef sandwich. On white bread. With mayo.

After I hoisted my jaw up off the floor, I explained a little more about corned beef and why her bread and condiment choice might be a little unwise. She stuck to her guns, though, and that was the sandwich she got.

I was embarrassed to order it.

Let’s face it – anyone who knows anything about Jewish deli knows that corned beef belongs on some kind of rye bread or maybe an onion roll. With mustard or Russian dressing, right? In fact, we have heard of at least one cantankerous deli owner who refuses to serve corned beef any other way.

But should we really be so self-righteous about the sandwich choices of others? After all, a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich sounds disgusting to me, but was apparently heaven to Elvis Presley. Who’s to judge?

Should deli supporters rejoice that people are willing to try corned beef or other deli meats in any type of form, or should we insist that only traditional combinations be served, concerned that people will have a bad experience and never return?

We would really like to hear you opinion on this in the comments, because we certainly don’t know the answer.

2 thoughts on “How Should You Eat A Corned Beef Sandwich?

  1. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to corned beef. At least, I think I am. Corned beef (slightly warm) and Swiss on rye with yellow mustard. Now I’m craving a sandwich…

    • Some people say brown (deli) mustard, Sharlyn, but pretty dang close. And of course warm. That same cantankerous deli owner refused to serve it cold or room temp, either. :)

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